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Help & Info about Microsoft Security Essentials for windows

  • Is Microsoft Security Essentials free to download?

    One of the major benefits associated with this program is that it is free to download from the official Microsoft website. However, Windows will need to be installed within an operating system.
  • Is Microsoft Security Essentials safe?

    This bundle essentially acts as a first line of defence when thwarting viruses and other malicious software. It is therefore perfectly safe to use. Always navigate to the official website in order to download a trusted version.
  • Is Microsoft Security Essentials good for Windows 10?

    In Windows 10, Security Essentials are referred to as "Windows Defender". However, the purpose is still the same. This is one of the best means to protect your system against unwanted intrusions and other potentially serious viral infections.
  • Is Microsoft Security Essentials still supported?

    This bundle is still supported by the majority of Windows operating systems. As it is updated on a frequent basis, you can remain confident that your system is enjoying an adequate level of protection.
  • Can Microsoft Security Essentials work with other anti-virus packages?

    It is recommended that additional third-party anti-virus programs are installed before using this bundle. The main concern is that more than one anti-virus package could negatively impact the performance of your operating system.
  • Is Microsoft Security Essentials available for mobile phones?

    Otherwise referred to simply as "MSE", this program is currently available for devices which utilise the Android operating system. However, those who own an Apple phone are advised to consult with the official website in order to determine which alternatives are available.
  • Is my computer already protected by Microsoft Security Essentials?

    Most Windows versions subsequent to Windows 7 will have spyware protection already installed (known as Windows Defender). Windows 10 users are equipped with Windows Defender, as this bundle will not work with the latest version of Windows.
  • How do I open Microsoft Security Essentials?

    To open this program, you will need to navigate to the start icon and select "All Programs" from the menu. Click on "Security Essentials" after scrolling down. The bundle can then be opened and if you wish, you can scan your system for potentially infected files. Can I use Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows 8
  • Am I able to delete Microsoft Security Essentials?

    There are a few steps to perform is you wish to uninstall this program. First, click start and select the "Run" option. Type "appwiz.cpl" within the field before choosing "OK". You will then select Security Essentials and highlight the "Uninstall" tab. Once this has been completed, the computer will need to be shut down and restarted in order for any changes to take effect.


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